ceWeed (pronounced sea-weed) is a combination of many technologies brought together to provide a service like no other. ceWeed connects you with the world by linking websites in a seamless flow.

The basics are a WordPress hosting site, but we go so much far beyond that.

The goal is to setup a linked website for everything on the earth.

There are many advantages to having your website linked to other relevant websites.  Maybe you are a city that wants to keep accurate business listings, sports team listings, etc.  Everything is kept up to date without requiring additional manual steps.  Or maybe you want to allow event listings with in the city.   What makes it unique is everything is rolled up as you move to different levels.  I can look for garage sales on my street, neighborhood, city, etc.  And the event only needs to be added once.

ceWeed is hosted on Amazon Web Services with regionally replicated Databases and Web Servers.  We have a different Database for every country.  This means that we can comply with local laws requiring local content to be stored and served by local servers.

ceWeed is a free service with optional upgrades for those wishing to take advantage of advanced website tools.

We currently have 1819 websites and are expanding every day.  Why not add your website today?